Product Gallery

The WT Designs product gallery features a full display of all of our images, sizes and relevant information.

WT Designs products are organized into several categories. Select a particular style or category from the drop down navigation menu. The products in that category are displayed, with a larger image and a description of the options available.

To enable the gallery to automatically progress to the next artwork in the category, click on Run button (the arrow below the large image). At any time this automatic scrolling can be halted, by clicking on the Pause button (double line below the large image). By sliding the mouse over the small thumb images on the bottom, the gallery can be quickly progressed to an area of interest. Holding the mouse over the thumb image on the right moves the thumb strip to the right. Holding the mouse over the thumb image on the left moves the thumb strip to the left. Clicking on any thumb displays a large image and the description.

If you are interested in a particular product, the part number can be entered into the search box.

Available finish options are described in detail.