Framing Style/Finishing Options

Our “Print-On-Demand” (POD) and “Custom” process allows customers to customize both the size and finish of ALL our items. As trends can vary somewhat by region POD service allows our customers and their clients to create unique items that reflect the styles and trends of the area around them as well as personalize their own piece to their space. Simply choose your image, choose your size, then choose your style/finish. The rest is up to us.


Gallery Wrap


The gallery wrap stretches the canvas around 1 ¼” stretcher bars, made from recycled wood. This presentation style provides a dimensional look and a true gallery feel. They are ready to hand without a frame. A small 1/4” float frame can be added for extra depth.

Float Frame


When you chose one of our float frames we start by creating a gallery wrapped Canvas. Then we custom build a frame from your choice of real wood ¼ molding in black, espresso brown or white. They are called float frames because the gallery wrap canvas fits inside the frame with a small space between the canvas and the frame, so it looks like the canvas is literally floating inside. The frames are clean and contemporary and really make the canvas stand out. It is especially effective for pieces where there is a lot of white or neutral space on the edges of the canvas. The float frame helps anchor the piece and just sets it off against the frame.

Resin Finish


In keeping with today´s most current trends but also staying true to our commitment on being the only 100% green and environmentally responsible Art manufacturers, we have finally been able to produce a water based resin coated product. Starting with a Giclee Canvas print using 100% water based pigmented inks (with 100+ years of UV protection) we mount the piece to one of our standard stretcher bars. We then hand apply a special (water based) epoxy primer to seal the canvas/wood piece. After 48 hours of drying we then hand apply several more coats of “Resin” to the image. The image must then dry, be sanded and refinished again. The effect is simply stunning and provides a true hand finished one of a kind feel to each piece.

• Drips and small imperfections can be expected as they are considered part of the hand-finished look.
• This technique is time consuming so please allow sufficient lead time when choosing this finish.
** The Resin used in all of our products is a special proprietary water based and environmentally friendly formula.

Acrylic Mount


Clear acrylic panels are unbelievably stunning. Imagery is printed with archival UV inks on our highest quality papers and trans-mounted with a proprietary optically clear adhesive to a 3/8" clear piece of acrylic. Each piece is affixed to an invisible mounting bar (known as a “french cleat”) creating a three dimensional floating effect which sits 1" from the wall. Visually it appears as if you are looking through a window - the technique literally brings the image to life. Easy to hang, shatterproof, frameless - these panels are the very latest in contemporary décor.

Aluminum Mount


Solid aluminum panels are one of the newest trends today. Imagery is printed with archival UV inks on our highest quality papers and face-mounted to a 3/8" solid piece of aluminum, then protected with a proprietary UV film to prevent fading and scratches. Each piece is affixed to an invisible mounting bar (know as a “french cleat”) creating a floating effect which sits 1" from the wall. Easy to hang, shatterproof, frameless - these panels are the very latest in contemporary décor.

Box Frame Natural Finish


Our Brand New Box Frames are a fresh alternative to traditional framing methods. The image is printed on a specialty archival photo paper and mounted to the bottom (or in this case the top) of the box, thus eliminating the need for any frame or further finishing. In keeping with the most current trends the edges of the box remain “RAW” in their natural state. This also provides an “original” feel to each individual piece. Each box is 1.25” in depth making the piece stand out from the wall for a very contemporary feel. Eliminating the need for glass or a frame the emphasis is on the image, rather than the frame. In keeping with our “environmental policy” all of our Box Frames are made from 100% reclaimed spruce/fir.

Outdoor Canvas


Our brand new and exciting “all weather” Outdoor Canvas Art offers a whole new experience in one of the hottest trends today – “Outdoor Living”. As this category continues to grow we are continually seeking new and innovative products to move our living space outside. Here at WT Designs we have developed a totally new and unique printing process which allows every day art to be displayed in virtually any outdoor setting.

Our product can withstand the hot sun every day, rain, snow, and even freezing temperatures and can be left outdoors all year round. Made from a proprietary combination of special materials, earth-friendly canvas, inks, and a unique printing process, we can literally print any image on our outdoor canvas. From florals to botanicals and even large landscapes or abstracts we can accessorize any outdoor living space. Each piece is available in a variety of standard sizes from 10˜ up to 60˜ wide and unlimited in length or can be custom made to virtually any size required at no additional cost. Our entire line of images can now be printed on our Outdoor Canvas with one of two of our textured embossing, which adds a whole new dimension to our work. These new textured embossing look more realistic and feels real too.

With more people staying closer to home and enjoying more time with family and friends right in their own backyard, we feel we have created an on trend product to help homeowners and renters alike create the perfect relaxing and stylish backyard, patio, deck, pool area, spa, or even any indoor setting they desire.

All images in the any of the WT Galleries can be printed on our Outdoor Canvas.
Please note: We cannot print black and white only images on our Outdoor Canvas.


If you see an image you love but wish it were in black and white or sepia? We can convert any of our images at no extra charge.

Color finish black and white finish Sepia Color finish Sepia Color finish